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Thank you so much for your interest in creating beautiful and naughty feminist porn with us! Our values are super important to us and we strive to work with folks whose values align with ours. Please take some time to fill out the questionnaire below so we can get a sense of whether we would be a good match! 



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    Spit works hard to ensure we stay true to our values, and we want to know those we work with do, too. What interests you in working with Spit?

    How do you feel about working with folks that are underrepresented or poorly presented in mainstream porn (BIPOC, Trans, (Dis)abled, Fat, etc.)?

    What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?

    We encourage all performers to think about how participating in porn may affect them on a personal or professional level long term. Do you feel comfortable integrating this into your life (with an alias, taking appropriate precautions for anonymity etc.)?

    What kind of debriefing or supports pre and post shoot could you anticipate wanting or needing?

    Do you require any special assistance/accessibility?

    What does consent look for you? How is it best communicated for you?

    Have you participated in porn before?

    Is there anything else you would like us to know?

    Please attach 2 pictures of yourself, one headshot, one full body. (Nudity is optional/not required. This is only to match you with other performers.)