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Darling Way

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Bossy Boots: Trash Panda & Darling Way

Professor Trash Panda: King of the Racoons, with Cole Dameron & Darling Way

Darling Way & Trash Panda at Oasis Aqualounge

Darling Way & Jane Way at Oasis Aqualounge


My ideal date is: Netflix and chill. House of Cards and chil, Jessica Jones and chill, Vampire Diaries and chill, Kardashians and chill, Gilmore Girls and chill. Nailed it.

Three things I can’t live without: The internet, The public library, My family (fur babies included)

Things that turn me on: Teasing, being watched, intersectionality, Hawaii Five 0, hot folks who know they’re hot and post pictures of it on instagram so I can shower them with praise.

Things that turn me off: MRAs, the patriarchy. Receiving anal.

Pornstars I want to work with: Stoya, Jiz Lee, Courtney Trouble, Jake Bass, Papi Coxxx

Most humbling moment: Re-reading my livejournal from when I was 16.

Dream vacation: A Longboard and some ahi tuna poke on the beach in Halewia, Oahu.

Ideal Sunday Afternoon: Coffee shop hopping, dog walking, tv watching and grocery shopping.

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