Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected in association with Content or the Production of Content maintained by SPIT or its Services. This includes but is not limited to information contained as part of Production information, Age verification, Waivers or other Documentation associated with Submission of Content.
Personal information is collected soley in compliance with governing laws and regulations, and in keeping with best business practices; and serves to help indemnify SPIT, it's Content Providers and Users from any liability associated with producing, distributing or accessing Content of an explicit sexual nature.
SPIT will only release personal information in order to comply with a lawful request from law enforcement or other legally empowered and authorized entity.
SPIT shall take all appropriate measures to protect against unauthorized access to  personal data. This includes: Physical security such as locked file storage. as well as password only access to appropriately secure and backed up electronic storage and communications platforms. Further, all principals, staff and agents of SPIT are bound to hold any information they see in the course of their duties confidential.