queer porn for the pervacious

Spit is a Toronto-based queer porn collaborative. Our aim is to create porn that is reflective of the vast differences in lived experiences, person to person. We seek to celebrate these differences and create space for the variety in sexuality to shine. Our content is developed ethically, meaning our performers are paid for their work and we do our best to put their needs first.


Everyone we work beside is hired on the basis of our values aligning; folks that are dedicated to creating consensual, equitable, and intersectional feminist spaces in the sex industry. We emphasize communication and consent to actively create a safer space.


Spit is always learning and growing. We are working daily to uphold the values and practices we live by and welcome feedback. We work to be accountable and honour the individuals and communities we work with. We strive to grow into the ideals we've sets for ourselves.


Spit accepts user-produced submissions in the form of videos, photographs, writing, and 2D artwork. If you would like to begin working with Spit, please visit our Work With Spit page to apply.


Come hard, pervs <3

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